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  • Ensuring that clients receive unparalleled support 
  • Elevating the standards of medical-legal representation 
  • Specializing in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Why do you need a LNC?

  • Expertise – The legal nurse consultant brings a wealth of clinical experience, encompassing the
    interpretation of medical records, documents, and medical-legal matters.
  • Efficiency – Leveraging their nursing background and healthcare expertise, the legal nurse
    consultant efficiently assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a case, ensuring cost-
  • Connections – The legal nurse consultant maintains a robust network of medical and
    professional resources and contacts, enhancing their resourcefulness.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge – With a deep understanding of medical issues and current trends
    within the litigation process, the legal nurse consultant adeptly tailors the case for attorneys,
    clients, and juries.
Hire an RN to read those pesky Medical Charts Piling up!

My name is Henry June III, and I serve as the CEO of Jackson’s Legal Nursing Group, LLC. We are a group of Legal Nurse Consultants dedicated to aiding legal professionals in their preparation for medical malpractice cases and personal injury cases. Our extensive experience lies in Telemetry medical-surgical, Trauma-Medical-Surgical, and Step-Down units. Our team of legal nurse consultants is proficient in researching, analyzing, and clarifying medical matters, granting you an unparalleled advantage in terms of medical evidence, and supporting attorneys in constructing strong and compelling cases. By leveraging the expertise of Jackson’s Legal Nursing Group, LLC, you can rest assured knowing that you will possess accurate and comprehensive information regarding medical issues. This will enable you to prepare, strategize, present your case effectively, and ultimately achieve a more successful outcome.

Our philosophy

JLNG LLC is a pioneering legal nurse consulting firm, committed to providing comprehensive healthcare expertise to the legal community. We prioritize the values of Commitment, Leadership, Integrity, Nurture, Innovation, and Community. With strong leadership and unwavering commitment, we uphold the highest standards of integrity in our services. We nurture client relationships, offering personalized attention and exceptional service. Through innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies, we deliver accurate, evidence-based insights. Engaging with diverse clientele, we foster a collaborative community environment. At JLNG LLC, we embody these values to empower clients in achieving optimal outcomes in their medical-legal endeavors.

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